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An on-line tribute to Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy's classic comedy Western

Created on April 14, 2010 by Steve Bailey

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"Most Laurel & Hardy fans have probably memorized Way Out West, so it's refreshing to see a website that takes a fresh, objective, and comprehensive look at this Laurel & Hardy classic. Steve Bailey's observations and comments are not provocative or argumentative, but 'just to give L & H buffs something to think about.' He gives the online audience some good reading, and plenty of it!"

-- Scott MacGillivray - Author, Laurel & Hardy: From the Forties Forward, Revised and Expanded, and the Corresponding Secretary of Sons of the Desert

Table of Contents

Reel I: Introduction to This Website (recommended reading before proceeding further)

Reel II: The Movie's Credits

Reel III: The Laurel & Hardy Repertory Company

Reel IV: A Tribute to James Finlayson

Reel V: About the Movie's Script

Reel VI: The Great Credit Controversy

Reel VII: Musical Interludes

Reel VIII: Laurel & Hardy Sing-Along

Reel IX: Trouble, Right Here in Brushwood Gulch

Reel X: Laurel & Hardy's History with Horses

Reel XI: Way Out West By the Numbers

Reel XII: Reviews of the Movie

Reel XIII: Trivia Related to the Movie

Reel XIV: 1937 - The Year in (Laurel-&-Hardy-Related) Movies

Reel XV: Links to Way Out West-Related Video Clips, Websites, and Books

TYPICAL BORING DISCLAIMER: This website is not at all connected with or endorsed by any official group or website associated with the legal or movie rights of Stan Laurel and/or Oliver Hardy. If any of the materials on this website are under copyright, E-mail the webmaster here and he will remove them immediately.

As with the movie, this website is presented in glorious black-and-white. Death to colorization!!

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