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The Movie's Credits

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Release from Hal Roach Studios

Original release date: April 16, 1937

Length: 65 minutes

A Stan Laurel Production for Hal Roach

Story by: Jack Jevne and Charles Rogerts

Screenplay by: Charles Rogers, Felix Adler, and James Parrott

Musical score and direction by: Marvin Hatley

Make-up by: Jack Dawn

Settings by: William L. Stevens

Edited by: Bert Jordan

Sound by: William Randall

Art direction by: Arthur Royce

Photographed by: Art Lloyd and Walter Lundin

Photographic effects by: Roy Seawright

Cast: Stan Laurel (Stanley), Oliver Hardy (Ollie), Sharon Lynne (Lola Marcel), James Finlayson (Mickey Finn), Rosina Lawrence (Mary Roberts), Stanley Fields (Sheriff), Vivien Oakland (Sheriff's Wife), The Avalon Boys [Chill Wills, Art Green, Walter Trask, and Don Brookins] (Themselves), Dinah the Mule (Herself)

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