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The Laurel & Hardy Repertory Company

A complete cast listing for the movie can be found at the Internet Movie Database (listed in our links section). However, many familiar L&H actors/actresses appeared in Way Out West, some of them unbilled. They are worth noting here.

James Finlayson (1887-1953)
(Mickey Finn)

Click here to read our tribute to one of Laurel & Hardy's most ubiquitous and scowling villains.

Vivien Oakland (1895-1958)
(Sheriff's Wife)

Oakland was a supporting actress in several Laurel & Hardy shorts, perhaps most memorably as the judge's wife whom Stan and Ollie inadvertently get drunk in Scram! (1932).

Rosina Lawrence (1912-1997)
(Mary Roberts)

Lawrence is best known to Hal Roach aficionados as Miss Jones, the teacher of Our Gang (a/k/a The Little Rascals). She also co-starred in the Charley Chase short On the Wrong Trek (1936) and the Roach musical Pick a Star (1937), both of which featured cameo appearances from Laurel & Hardy. The widowed Lawrence met L&H biographer John McCabe at a Sons of the Desert convention and married him in 1987, a union that lasted until her death ten years later.

James C. Morton (1884-1942)

Frequent supporting actor for Laurel & Hardy (he also appeared as a bartender in Our Relations), as well as The Three Stooges and W.C. Fields. Morton played a harried instructor trying to help Ollie get his driver's license in the live L&H stage show The Laurel & Hardy Revue.

Mary Gordon (1882-1963)
(Harried Cook)

Appeared with The Boys as their assertive landlady in Bonnie Scotland and as a fellow apartment dweller in Saps at Sea.

Harry Bernard (1878-1940)
("I can't eat this meat!")

Supporting actor in several L&H films, usually as a bartender or a police officer. Addressed by his actual name in Any Old Port (1932).

Dinah the Mule

Though Dinah's only other L&H film appearance was in Swiss Miss (1938), she was no stranger to the Hal Roach Studios. Click here for her complete filmography.

Vetoed Villains

Two members of Laurel & Hardy's "stock company" were hired to be in the film but did not make it to the final version. Rychard Cramer's scenes as a sneering villain were deleted. And veteran Tiny Sandford was originally hired to play the sheriff but was replaced by Stanley Fields shortly after shooting began.

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